Sophie's Haven
The Paw Prints to Your Heart


We take great pride in our puppies and try to produce the best quality

that we can.  We hand raise our puppies with love and they come to you

as spoiled as they can be.

My husband (Jason) and I (Brittany) run a small family kennel in Lucasville, Ohio.  Jason works at US Bank as an Universal Banker.  He has a Bachelors in Social Sciences and a Masters in Business.  I am a nurse at Southern Ohio Medical Center and a Lactation Consultant.  I have my Bachelors in Nursing and a Masters in Lactation Consulting and Health Care Administration.  We have a 4 year old little boy, Shaun, a one year old, Kierany, and our third on the way.  I may be biased but we the best babies in the world.

Kierany, Shaun, and George (dwarf hotot) Easter 2015.

  We live on a 3 acre farm, where our dogs have a fenced in back yard and wooded hillside to run and play.  They also have a pond on the top of our hill, which is well used in those hot summer months.  Our dogs are hand raised and are true family members.  They are well socialized with children and other animals.  Some of our dogs are kept in their own kennel area, but all of our animals have access to the whole back yard when the weather is permitting.

 We specialize in Miniature Golden Doodles, American Golden Retrievers, and English Golden Retrievers.  We love their personalities and temperaments.  They are great family dogs and we love sharing them with other families.  All of our puppies are hand raised and well socialized.  Our puppies are kept in a puppy friendly kennel area in our garage, which is attach to our house.  We love preparing our puppies for their forever homes and seeing the faces of the people who adopt them.

Our Kennel

We have been working on improving our kennel for quite a while.  In 2011 we converted an Amish made building into a kennel with the help of Jeff, my dad, and Leonard Jr., my uncle.  They are so much help. In the spring of 2012, we concreted this area for better cleaning.  We used Ray's Concrete out of Minford, Ohio, and they did a wonderful job.  This has been a slow project, but is so worth it.  We have now got all the fencing up around the kennel.  There are now two 23' * 10' sections for each side.  It is huge.  Now we are working on replacing the fence around the back 2 acres of our property for our goats and bigger play area for the dogs.  I cannot wait to have our little palace completed for my babies.

     New picture of completed Kennel, soon.

A little on the history of our kennel.
My family has been raising Golden Retrievers for more then 25 years.  Our first and greatest Golden Retriever was Lady.  She is still the dog that all of my other dogs are measured up to.  We grew up with her and she was truly a family member.  After she pasted away it was several years before we were able to get another dog.  We missed Lady and wanted to replace the void she left.  A few years later we got Cinnamon, a Golden Retriever.  However she was more of an impose buy and we did not do our homework on her parents.  She was not a good dog and her temperament was horrible.  I do not remember a lot about her.  We were not able to play with her and she tried to bite my Great-Grandparents, so we had to get rid of her.  This has taught me a lot about breeding and trying to be as honest as I can with each puppy. 

After a while we knew our lives were incomplete without our four legged companions so we tried again with different breeds.  However we did not stray long from our beloved Golden Retrievers.  During this time my parents started K-9 Palace Kennels. This is when I bought Sophia, my Yorkshire Terrier.  At the time I wanted a dog that would be just mine.  I was 16 and had my own job, so I figured I could have my own dog.  This attitude was soon adopted by both of my sisters.  Sophia was and still is perfect in every way.  She is always by my side.  She goes on vacations, goes camping, goes hiking, and even sits on the tip of my kayak when I am on the lake.  After having her I realized the reason my parents loved breeding dogs.  It is like giving a piece of what you love to other families. 
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